Air quality measured by citizens

The project

Born from the 'OpenAir/Quel est ton air ?' projects, the AirCitizen project aims at giving citizens the ability to actively probe their close environment and the air they breathe in particular by:


Making mobile environmental stations in « Fablabs » (digital fabrication laboratories) that include several low-cost sensors (i.e. temperature, relative humidity, pressure, NOx, ozone or fine particles PM10 and PM2.5).


Perfroming in situ measurements to evidence the spatial and temporal variabilities of the environmental parameters: in mobile measurement campaigns on one hand, with the help of climatologist-geographers, and in various places with a variety of environmental contexts.


Contributing to the improvement of environmental knowledge by sharing the measurements in a database and by allowing for an online cartography of air pollution.

  • spring 2015 - the beginning

    Inventory of fine particle sensors, tests of the sensors on breadboards, comparison with a certified sensor, data transmission using bluetooth, app and server programming

  • october 2015

    first workshop

    First general public workshop the 2015 science festival et fablab Sorbonne Universités.

  • october 2016

    new workshops

    New version of the mobile station, workshops during the 2016 festival with the Master2 Dynarisk students at Fablab Université Paris Diderot and Fablab Sorbonne Universités.

  • 2017

    new developments...

    Design of a data-logger version (without smartphone), integration of new sensors (NO2, ozone...), design of a 'homemade' fine particle sensor.

  • june-july 2018

    workshop at Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

    New version of the mobile station, using easy to plug Grove connectors. Measurements in the neighborhood of Cité des sciences et de l'industrie in collaboration with Carrefour numérique² and CommUn'Jeu..

  • october 2018

    workshops at the Turfu festival

    New version of the mobile station and new enclosure. Measurements in Caen in collaboration with Le Dôme.

  • 2019

    residency at Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, Participation in the project Respirons mieux dans le 20e

    Since january 2019 AirCitizen is taking part to MuséoCamp at Cité des sciences et de l'insdustrie and participate in the project Respirons mieux dans le 20e.

The workshops

Within the AirCitizen project, we organize experimental workshops to raise the citizen's awareness of participatory environmental measurements and air quality measurements in particular. These workshop are memorable moments of citizen science during which researchers, hackers and citezen have the opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange. Beyond the assembly of the mobile stations, we discuss the sources of air pollution, the dispersion of pollutants, their impact on health and their perception as well as questions related to the measurements (sensors, protocols...).

The contributors

Vincent Dupuis, Malika Madelin, Laurence Allard, Sophie Baudet-Michel, Filipe Vilas-Boas, Sarah Duché, Arthur Hennequin, Yanis Mazouz, Bao Lam Le, Taos Benoussaid, Nicolas Salviani, Ruben De Barros, les étudiants du M2 Dynarisk, les étudiants du fablabSU, les participants aux ateliers.

The collaborators

Labo Citoyen, Christophe Bailly (Greenlab).

The data

Server / API / Database

NodeJS Server and REST API
3 types of recordings : single measurements / on a pathway / at a fixed position
BDGeo PostGIS : date, hour, sensor id, longitude, latitude, measurement type, value.


Data critical analysis: large noise sometimes, variable GPS accuracy depending on the ground type, etc.
Temperal and/or spatial coarse graining
Analysis of the spatio-temporal variability
Correlations between measured quantities.

Credit: OpenStreetMap

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